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July 13th, 2011
Rikka Zimmerman
Access Consciousness
Rikka Zimmerman


July 13th, 2011 : Rikka Zimmerman

ADVANCED Unlocking Your Family Programming
By Request From Listeners...
This show will include advanced processing. We recommend that you listen to Shows 1-4, and 10; Unlocking Your Family Programming before listening to this show. Have you tried to change your money, body, or relationship issues and not achieved the kind of success or freedom you would like? Have you ever questioned how much of those issues are actually rooted in your childhood and unconscious family programming? Take a second and ponder... Do you remember your childhood? How much of your life is being run by all of the points of view you took on during your upbringing? Our parents teach us that "life is hard" and they prepare you for the impending disappointment with statements such as: "Don't get your hopes up", "We can't afford it", "You can't have everything", "Make up your mind", "You can't have your cake and eat it too", "There is not enough to go around", "Money is hard to come by and we don't have enough", "Clean your plate, there are starving people in Africa!" These are just a few of the ideas imposed on us as children.
In your family did you feel more like a gift or a burden? Were you seen and received as the greatness you truly are? Or were you made wrong? If you have been wondering why you may have spent a lot of time and energy trying to clear all this wrongness about you that was not even yours to begin with- then you now may feel a sense of relief as you can finally un-create these imposed patterns, understand where all that comes from and free yourself from it once and for all. Welcome to Access Consciousness with Rikka Zimmerman. Access Consciousness is set of tools, processes and information that can change anything that is not working for you. I invite you to the radio show that will begin clearing all those deep-rooted issues and have a life that is better than anything you can currently imagine!
We encourage you to listen to "Access Consciousness the Foundation Part 1-4." that will gently guide you through the foundation of awareness required to easily understand this show. Click Here To Access The Archives.

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