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Hosted by Meg Benedicte
As a pioneer in Vortex healing, Meg Benedicte experienced a profound Spiritual Initiation by the Sirian Council in 1997 to activate and apply the mechanics of the Unified Field Vortex as a powerful tool for transformation. Serving as an Ascension healer, author, and teacher, Ms. Benedicte facilitates individual and group healings that activate her clients to quickly change lives by altering out-of-date systems that limit the human experience.
"By embracing Soul presence and embodying Sacred Union, we can break free of the web of duality, the enslavement program of the planetary hologram, and bridge into the New Earth - into the Law of ONE," stated Meg Benedicte. "This will enable our spiritual journeys to become enhanced and assisted by the oncoming Ascension Waves as we gradually transform our physical selves into Human Avatars."
Blessed with an unusual ability to see, feel and hear into the unseen world of energy, Meg Benedicte has dedicated her life towards assisting and teaching the principles, practical steps and techniques required to achieve personal ascension and self-realization. Using this comprehensive bio-energetic program enables users to assimilate the particle acceleration into the physical biology, as well as assist the activation of the timeless mind. Participating members have access to monthly newsletters, blogs, lectures, group healings, Vortex Meditation CDs and the Ascension Community Message Board - where they can meet and communicate with other Ascending Souls.
Meg Benedicte was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and graduated from UCLA. Her career spans more than 25 years both in the business world as well as a private healing practice. She has devoted the past ten years to developing and practicing her proprietary healing technique, Unified Field Therapy®. Meg Benedict is the author of the forthcoming book Soul Realized: Reclaiming Your Inherent Divine Power, which will be available in 2009. Her group healing teleclasses and Vortex Meditation CDs can be found at her web site at and make it possible for anyone to access and penetrate the Unified Field of Life Force.
Show Description:
Drawing from years as an Energetic Surgeon and Ascension Channel, Meg Benedicte will reveal her unique perspective on the workings of the Human Energy Field, the Planetary Hologram, the history and purpose of Lightworkers, and the current Ascension Wave bridging into the New Earth. A totally innovative and cutting edge approach is making its mark in the world of co-evolutionary enlightenment and it's called Unified Field Therapy®. This unique, revolutionary process, which was developed by Meg Benedicte, not only helps release energy that is blocking one's good, but it clears past traumas and quickly awakens consciousness. Specializing in energy dynamics, Meg is able to access the energetic blueprints in the Akashic Records, locate and diagnose the source of the pattern; heal the original timeless wound; integrate the life lesson; erase the karmic debt; remove the genetic lineage and create a new reality better reflecting true soul purpose and Ascension.
During the show Meg will offer practical healing steps, bio-energetic techniques and Vortex Healing activations that promote soul-body union and access to the parallel New Earth awaiting us all.
Topics for healing will include:

  • Cutting energetic chords with Family of Origin - break free of co-dependent patterns and parasitic energy drains.
  • Establishing strong personal boundaries (energy shields) to contain and protect the EMF.
  • Let go and surrender all ego-control - embrace the Core Soul presence within.
  • Activate the God Seed Code - introducing the original spark of creation into the nucleus of the human cell.
  • Learn how to metabolize Divine Light into the cellular structure as life force.
  • Claim Soul Sovereignty by breaking free of the Web of Duality, clear all attachments to the reptilian-controlled hologram, and revoke the Soul Agreement to participate in duality.
  • Activate the Soul Hologram, codes and templates, and connect to the original Soul Lineage.
  • Focus on clearing all polarity held in the bio-energetics - all mental constructs, limiting belief systems and debilitating programming in the mind that is preventing full soul-realization,.
  • Activate the sacred geometry of the Divine Lover template (Cosmic Love)
  • Connect to the Divine Light Matrix (planetary Merkaba network).
  • Ground the EMF onto the sacred Gridwork in the New Earth hologram, and bridge across the membrane between the parallel worlds.
  • and much more!



"Just a note to thank you for having Meg on World Puja --
Her work is amazing and the world will benefit greatly. Keep up the good work."
Best Wishes For Everything Good,
— Gloria J.
"I've been a very grateful listener for a few years now, and want to offer my heartfelt thanks for the amazing inspiration of your shows. Yesterday I listened to the Feb 2 Meg Benedicte show in the archives. It was incredible!! Love, love, love her!! I felt an enormous shift after her attunement / meditation. My energy level has skyrocketed, and I feel an opening that I don't remember feeling before. The past day has resulted in several amazing synchronicities and I attribute it to Meg's amazing program and the shift I've made since."
Blessing to you all,
— Juanita W.
"I am so excited to have found you. I want to thank you so much for your World Puja shows. I caught you right when you started this series and have been so fulfilled by listening to you. I resonate with your messages perfectly. I feel like I know this stuff. I listen to them over and over. I just caught a new show and my soul just vibrated that you are sharing 'more'. I haven't even listened to it. I don't even know how to explain the feeling of excitement I experienced. I do know it has an overwhelming feeling of gratitude that I wanted to cry. Just wanted to share the moment with you. I am listening to your latest show now and I thank you for sharing this invaluable information and especially for free."
— Kim P.

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