January 2, 2008 : Empowerment

Kerrie O'Connor & David Turco

Hosted By: Kerrie O'Connor on "Empowerment"

Kerrie O'Connor and David Turco will kick off the New Year discussing what it means to be the Master with Infinite Possibilities. We have heard that we are spiritual beings having a human experience many times, but are you experiencing it in your daily life? Do you know your birthright? Are you experiencing grace and ease in all aspects of your life?
Kerrie and David will explore how we are in the process of ancient cellular releasing which allows us to hold higher frequencies/vibrations which have a direct effect on the co-creating process. By looking into what is called modern day shamanism they will explore various techniques which strengthen your ability to fully embrace your original blueprint - your divine birthright - Being a Master!
Topics that will be covered:

  • Who is the 12:12 Council
  • Ancient Cellular Releasing
  • The New Holy Trio of Mastery
  • Re-membering, Re-connecting to Your Mastery
  • The Importance of the Horizontal Pathway and Co-Creating
  • Re-claiming Your Energy
  • Tools of Mastery

David Turco is both a scientist and chemical engineer. His personal quest took him on a journey into the metaphysical world of psychics, reiki, druidic and Christian spirituality, Jungian psychology, Tibetan and shamanic dream analysis, color and sound therapy, western and ayurvedic herbology.
David is the Co-host of "The Unknown Zone" radio talk show in RI in addition to 3 additional radio shows hosted with Kerrie O'Connor.

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