July 26, 2009 : Inspired Parenting

Eliza Rey

Hosted By: Sandie Sedgbeer on "Inspired Parenting"

Intuitive Tools for Kids
Eliza Rey is an international intuitive consultant, speaker and children's occupational therapist and mother of two who works with psychic/intuitive kids using a variety of tools that include sensory integration methods, meditation, music and more. Eliza has experienced intuitive abilities since she was a very young child and was able to visualize and hear messages for and from her family. A tragic accident occurred when she was 18 years old involving the deaths of her brother and father which motivated her to further develop more of a connection with those on the other side.
She is the founder of Intuitive Tools 4 Kids and now runs a private practice offering parents sensory integration tools, information, advice, support and copies strategies for parenting and supporting their psychic/intuitive children in this arena.
http://www.intuitivetools4kids.com and http://www.elizarey.com
Topics include:

  • Seeing angels, ghosts and guides at a young age
  • How she came to develop her Intuitive Tools for Kids
  • Why yoga, meditation and music therapy are good for today's intuitive kids
  • What parents can do to help support their psychic/intuitive children
  • Practical suggestions, tips and techniques for helping psychic/intuitive kids cope better with their gifts

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