April 20, 2010 : Wisdom of the Earth

Barry Kapp

Hosted By: Barry Kapp on "Wisdom of the Earth"

Sexuality and Essential Essences
WOTE decided to spend a whole program on this because like many other subjects, there is so much to discuss. In Barry's many years of counseling with men, women and couples, he has inevitably found that 98% of our problems are unresolved sexual issues from A to Z. Essential Essences have been extremely successful in facilitating healing for such an intimate and personal topic. We will share EE's that WORK if YOU are willing to take 100% responsibility for your actions and DO your work to resolve your old stories and create new ones.
1. Pure EE's absolutely help us as humans in so many ways for sexuality issues. From emotional, to hormonal, to complex. They act as amazing aphrodisiacs and really affect us. We will discuss different EE's that will enhance your spiritual, emotional and physical Sexual experiences.
2. Pure EE's encourage heartfelt spiritual sex, full of Divine Love; Not mechanical, cold, mindless, predatorial, or macho sex.
3. Pure EE's facilitate anti-bacterial, anti-fungicidal, anti-viral help with STD's. What are some of the Essences for these problems?
4. Pure EE's enhance our spiritual sexual experiences so that we might grow in consciousness. Essences for this please?
5. Pure EE's teach us that walking in Divine Love is not an absence of expression but assuredly demonstrates the ultimate expression for humans at this time via spiritual and physical sex.
EE's facilitate and grant us permission to experience spiritual and physical bliss via orgasms. This in turn facilitates growth in consciousness through the depths of feelings, experiences and explorations. Essences to support this?
Again this will be an intense open discussion with Barry, Cynthia and Audre with all the love and frankness that they are known to bring forth. If you are one of those dear ones who thinks a lot about this topic, but has not been able to speak your truth because of whatever.......then listen in!!! You will find keys for your evolvement if you are ready!
Don't forget to have EE's on you while listening to our programs. Please send any and all questions for us to discuss to www.wisdomoftheearth.com or call 928-649-9968.

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