September 17, 2013 : The Sheila Show

Bob Bell

Hosted By: Sheila Gale on "The Sheila Show"

The Kissing Saint
Bob Bell is known as "The Kissing Saint." He is a natural born healer. When he was a young boy his brother laying in bed, sick. Bob kissed him on the cheek, and he got up and ran outside to play. His flu and high fever were gone.
Like many children with this and other great gifts, Bob did not share his abilities for decades and chose a different career path as a very successful investment banker, until now. Bob has been guided to return to his miraculous gift of healing, helping humanity and animals with astounding results. From Alzheimer's to depression, M.S. and cancer, blood disease and more, people from around the world are reporting improved health and diseases simply gone. Working with the sickest of sick people as well as animals, the results are astonishing!
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